Spanish Translation

OSTP Tests

Spanish versions of the operational test with text-to-speech are available in Math for grades 4-8 and in Science for grades 5 and 8 for online testing. A paper/pencil version of the Spanish operational test is available for grade 3 Math only.

Also available:

  • Large Print Spanish Form (grade 3 Math only)
  • Spanish Audio Files (for grade 3 Math only)
  • Cepstral Spanish Voice Pack (for grades 4-8 online testing only)

Spanish paper/pencil tests for grade 3 Math will not be included with your initial shipment. If a student requires a grade 3 Spanish paper/pencil test, it can be ordered as additional materials once your initial order has been received.

CCRA: Science & U.S. History

A Standard operational test with Spanish text to speech will be available and requires downloading of the Cepstral Voice Pack.