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January 22, 2019
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February 8, 2019
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With the practice tests now available, we wanted to send a few reminders to assist with their use.

Please remember that practice tests do not need to be scheduled. To access the practice tests, you simply direct students to the website or launch the kiosk and enter the user name and password associated with the practice test for that student.

In order to properly hear the text-to-speech for the Spanish practice test, you must have the Cepstral Spanish voice pack downloaded and installed to the workstation. For this reason, it is critical that students receiving this accommodation take the practice test at the workstation on which they will be taking the operational assessment. A request form to receive instructions to download the Cepstral Spanish voice pack can be found on the Help and Support site. Licenses are limited. Please only download the voice pack to the smallest number of computers you will need to administer the operational assessment. The Spanish text-to speech will still play without the Spanish voice pack installed on a computer, but it will not translate correctly. As always and in accordance with the OSTP EL Accommodations Manual, districts can opt to have a language translator provide the read aloud in the student’s native language for all OSTP test, except ELA OSTP tests.