OSTP Special Technology Updates

Notice Attention Needed
ERRATA NOTICE UPDATE: Grades 6-8 ELA TAM edit (not Science)
April 10, 2019
Computer mouse
OSTP Update
April 17, 2019
Attention with bars

Technology Updates for OSTP and CCRA

Chromebook Concern

It has been brought to our attention that some students who are using Chromebooks for OSTP and CCRA testing are being kicked out of their test, and automatically returned to the login page. After thorough analysis, we have identified one possible way where a student can accidentally press the ‘back’ and ‘forward’ function keys on a Chromebook keyboard during the test and sometimes trigger a navigation event to redirect the student back to the login page. These ‘back’ and ‘forward’ function keys (see screenshot below as an example) are designed for the Chrome Operating System to navigate back and forth when browsing web pages and apps.

Please inform proctors that students who are using Chromebooks should avoid using the ‘back’/‘forward’ function keys at the top-left corner of the Chromebook's physical keyboard (see screenshot) during testing. For item navigation, we advise students to use the ‘back’ and ‘next’ buttons on the bottom toolbar. When answering open-ended items, if students need to move the cursor, they should use the four arrow keys at the bottom-right corner of the Chromebook's physical keyboard.

Radio Button Concern with MacOS Mojave 10.14

There is a known issue when using the latest MacOS operating system, Mojave 10.14, the radio-button in an item does not show up properly in Chrome browser or Chrome based applications. There is one item with a radio-button in the grade 8 English math test: Question 24 on the Spring 2019 Gr 8 Math Form 2. If this test form is scheduled for a student, we recommend avoiding testing on a machine with MacOS Mojave 10.14 installed on it. Schools can use any other operating system instead.