Oklahoma Help & Support


Welcome to the Oklahoma Help & Support page. This page is designed to be used in conjunction with the Oklahoma State Department of Education’s website: http://sde.ok.gov/sde as a resource for finding additional information on the Oklahoma School Testing Program (OSTP) for grades 3-8 and College and Career Readiness: Science and U.S. History Content Assessment (CCRA: Science & U.S. History) for grade 11. We encourage you to visit this site often for updates to the OSTP 2019 and CCRA: Science & U.S. History 2019 Spring testing administrations.

OSTP Practice Tests

Note: Accommodations are provided in the Kiosk version of Practice Tests only.

OSTP 6-8 Practice Test

  • Available January 2019

CCRA: Science & U.S. History Grade 11 Practice Test

  • Available January 2019